Stars Foundation for Cerebral Palsy is an independent registered charity run entirely by volunteers and can only survive with the continued help and generosity of its supporters.

The Charity’s aim is to promote awareness of the condition and raise funds to buy mobility, communication and educational aids for people with cerebral palsy, who are unable to gain help through statutory means.

Cerebral palsy affects about one child in every 400, developing either before birth or in early childhood, and is most commonly the result of failure of a part of the brain to develop.  The main effect of the condition is difficulty in movement and this can vary from partial to complete disability.  Cerebral palsy is not a disease or an illness and cannot be cured, but the correct treatment from an early age can ease its effects.

By providing mobility, communication and educational aids Stars Foundation aims to help people with cerebral palsy to lead a full and independent life.

Anna McNaughton and Dame Vera Lynn
Anna McNaughton with Liberator